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?Bitcoin Makes World Records | This Week in Crypto – Oct 24, 2022

A major fiat currency is now as volatile as bitcoin, Walmart outlines a crypto strategy and Bitcoin enters the Guinness Book of World Records. These stories and more this week in crypto. The British Pound is as Volatile as Bitcoin Amid the United Kingdom’s political and economic turmoil, Bitcoin’s 30-day price volatility is now almost identical to that of the

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Bitcoin’s Yearly Start May Signal an Incoming Bull Market: Glassnode

Glassnode released its first on-chain video report of 2023 on Tuesday, reviewing what could be data-based indicators of an emerging crypto bull market.  The firm noted that both Bitcoin and Ether’s price and on-chain activity have seen little volatility since the year began – a period like others that have historically preceded “explosive market moves.” Starting Off Slow As explained

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This New Breed of Generator Can Run on Almost Any Fuel

It’s January 2030 and your electric heat pump is warming the house while your electric car charges in the garage, all powered by solar panels on your roof and by wind and solar generators at your local utility. It doesn’t matter that it’s been raining for two weeks because your utility is tapping into ammonia produced with last summer’s sunshine.

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