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How Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar Managed to Pull Off the Impossible With Their Romance


Sarah Michelle Gellar Compares Slaying Vampires to Raising Kids

For the more traditional among us, china is considered to be the classic 20th anniversary present. So when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. hit that particular milestone next September, they might consider shipping off a porcelain piece to their good friend. 

Because had their mutual pal not missed her flight to the west coast on that fateful January 2000 day, the I Know What You Did Last Summer costars may have just carried on indefinitely as buddies who have the occasional friendly meal. 

Instead, with their dinner companion a no-show, “we decided to still meet and catch up,” Gellar shared on Instagram

And at upscale sushi eatery Asanebo, Gellar did something that left Prinze floored. “A lot of girls back then in Hollywood—as far as the actresses—they didn’t eat. They ate salad,” the onetime aspiring chef recalled in a 2016 Facebook Live interview. “Sarah came to dinner with me, and we sat down. She ate everything, including a crab that they let walk across the counter, then killed while it was alive in some oil and said, ‘It’s popcorn, try.'” 

As she popped the crustacean in her mouth, everything kind of clicked: “I was like, ‘yo, my girl is legit.'”

The spot still stands as Prinze’s favorite (“They got a five-star Michelin rating, and its Zagat guide food review is one word. It just says ‘Perfection,'” he recently told E! News), just as Gellar remains “his” girl, more than two decades and two kids later. 

An actually eternity in the Hollywood relationship landscape, it’s even more impressive when you consider Gellar and Prinze were just 22 and 23 the night their friendship suddenly became something more; 25 and 26 when they wed in Mexico two-and-a-half years later. 


Celebrity couples who sail past that seven-year mark with nary an itch tend to get quizzed ad nauseam about the secrets to their success. So the actors have attempted to explain their lightening in a bottle a time or two. They put in the work, as she told Us Weekly, stressing that “to have a successful relationship, whether it’s marriage, whether it’s friendship, whether it’s business, you have to put the time, if you want to see the results.”

And, particularly key in this age of 24/7 together time, “we know when someone needs a little space and we know when someone needs a hug and when someone needs a laugh,” she explained to E! News last month, detailing Prinze’s recent practical joke that made her laugh until she cried. 

But mostly, she and the Punky Brewster actor, who turns 45 Mar. 8, just like each other, an entirely underrated factor when it comes to long-lasting unions. “I think it’s great to be in love,” Gellar, 43, told Steve Harvey, “but it’s also nice to like each other and like spending time together.”

That part of their relationship clicked early on, the pair connecting on the I Know What You Did Last Summer set some three years before that unexpected first date. 

Though they shared few scenes in the North Carolina-set instant horror classic, they spent a great deal of time together. A native New Yorker, Gellar “didn’t have a driver’s license,” Prinze explained to Us Weekly of the 20-year-old. Which was a problem when shooting took place in the coastal town of Southport, 30 miles from the nearest big city of Wilmington.

“It was an hour drive just to get to the gym,” he continued. “So, I started driving her, and that’s when her and I became friends. And we just would talk about life and stuff like that, and we had completely different philosophies on just about everything. ‘Cause she was a born and raised New Yorker and I was a born and raised L.A. kid, and we just looked at everything like night and day.”

By the time they wrapped, “I just wanted to be friends with her because I thought she was too skinny and I wanted to cook for her. Because that’s what my family does,” the future Back to the Kitchen author said of Gellar, then in the first season of her fame-making, butt-kicking gig as the titular Buffy the Vampire Slayer. “And so, we started this weekly barbecue thing at her house, and me and my cousins would come over and cook food for her and her friends. And then we’d make sure everybody ate, and that was kind of how our friendship began.”

Columbia Pictures

In the years that followed, they’d get together as often as anyone might see a past coworker, Gellar telling People, “We were friends for a very long time. We’ve had many dinners before.” (And a set visit or two, Gellar making the briefest of non-verbal cameos in 1999’s She’s All That because she was there hanging out with Prinze. “I think you really understood that my character did not want pepper,” she joked on Instagram of the cafeteria moment.)

But there was something about that night at that spot, with Gellar’s adventurous palate impressing confessed Japanophile Prinze. “We were just two people at dinner catching up,” she continued of their unexpected date night. “We had a long car ride and a long dinner, and things just happened.”

Globe Photos/Mediapunch/Shutterstock

A friendship already solidified, they both knew pretty quick that this could be it, their connection extending far deeper than their early 2000s pop culture dominance and the fact that they’re both really, really ridiculously good-looking. (Though, that doesn’t hurt, Gellar joking to E! News in 2013, “He’s a good looking man. I’m not gonna complain!”)

Being able to fast-forward past the getting-to-know-you bit was “one of the reasons I think our relationship has always been so good,” he explained to E! News in 2017. “We were just friends for a good two years before we ever went on a date. She knew what kind of guy I was. She knew what my morals were, what my priorities were and vice versa. We already kind of knew all the faults in the other person.” 

Perhaps more importantly, they knew each other’s good qualities, the ones that pointed to this being a particularly auspicious match. 

“Sarah and I are always very direct and blunt. That’s how we’ve rolled for 20 plus years,” Prinze told last February. “If I do something that’ll make her mad she’s like, ‘Hey man that sucks, why’d you do that?’ Then I’m like, ‘Oh god, I’m sorry,’ and I don’t do it again.”

He much prefers her brand of candor over any sort of passive-aggressive behavior. “She’ll let you know how she feels for better or worse,” he continued. “That’s why Sarah and I are still together, cause there are not many girls like her out there.”

Because from the moment they crossed that just friends boundary, “I didn’t go on dates with other girls nor did I even want to pursue dates with other girls,” he told People. And despite each having declared they didn’t believe in marriage, “one day, I just knew we’re going to get married and that I was going to propose. I didn’t know when or how.”

Fortunately, when he got down on one knee in April 2001, he continued, “she was on the same page and my instincts were correct.”

A hurricane threatened their Sept. 1 vows near Puerto Vallarta, giving credence to that whole rain-on-your-wedding-day-is-good-luck adage. But after a rehearsal dinner that had guests such as Wilmer Valderrama, Dulé Hill and Gellar’s bestie Shannen Doherty partying at the pool until 3 a.m., planners simply moved the Adam Shankman-officiated ceremony indoors and the show went on. 

Back in Los Angeles, their careers surged ahead as well, Prinze capping off his teen flick reign playing the Fred to Gellar’s Daphne in two live action Scooby Doo films before pivoting onto television. And having staked her final vampire in 2003, the former All My Children bad girl booked a slew of films, including 2004’s The Grudge, a thriller that took her to Japan where she picked up what Prinze recently called “my favorite gift ever.” (A Katana blade from a master swordsmith, “She had to get actual paperwork from the government.”) 

But their biggest presents came seven years into their marriage, daughter Charlotte arriving in September 2009; son Rocky three years later. 

Prinze’s own dad having died by suicide when he was 10 months old, “for me being a father, not having a dad, it makes it my No. 1 priority,” he stressed to E! News in 2017. “So when my daughter was born, that was pretty much it for me. I became a full-time father. It’s not a job. It’s what I love to do.”

A season-long stint on 24 wrapped, he became very choosy about his next projects. “We fight over who gets to stay home,” Gellar, herself raised by a single mother, admitted to Us Weekly in 2012. “You’d think it would be the opposite, that the parents would be like, ‘No, I’ll go to work!’ but he’s like, ‘You stayed home for two years! It’s my turn!'”

Diyah Pera/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Back at work, first on Ringer, then with Robin Williams in The Crazy Ones, Gellar arranged her hours so that she was able to be home for wake-ups or bedtimes. And in 2015 she launched the passion project that’s afforded her a bit more flexibility, her low-sugar, organic baking company Foodstirs the sweetest of success stories. 

Set to return to screens post-pandemic with two major projects—dramedy Other People’s Houses and the literary-adapted thriller Sometimes I Lie—she knows she’s had more than her share of wins. “I have accomplished more in my career than I think I could have ever anticipated,” she told W in 2019. “I’ve been a product of not one but multiple shows that resonate, that people still watch, that people still love and talk about. So, for me, it’s all gravy.”

Though Gellar’s proud “that I’ve been able to use storytelling to make a difference in people’s lives,” her kids bring her the most gratification, hands down. They’re the people in her life who can appreciate that she literally slayed on television, but still care more that she helps them bake cookies and achieve cool hairdos. “I try to separate myself as much as I can,” she told W. “I always say, there’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and there’s Sarah Prinze. And they’re two different people.”

Sarah Prinze shares remote learning and cleaning duties with her husband who just so happens to also be an early aughts icon. She worries about how her kids will fare at sleepovers (“I wanted to spend the night downstairs in their guest room, but I sort of got kicked out,” she joked to Momtastic in 2015) and tries to best the geniuses that turn up to compete each weeknight on Jeopardy.

“We work as a team, so any point I get, she gets, any point she gets, I get,” Prinze explained to Parade last February. “The last one that we watched, we got the first six answers in a row. We were like, ‘are you kidding me right now?! Time for someone to be on Celebrity Jeopardy!’ But we didn’t get any right for the rest of the show.”


They sure have figured out the answer to keep a marriage humming along near the end of its second decade, though. 

They’re not big on Valentine’s Day (“We don’t do presents, but we’ll get some smooches in there man,” Prinze told Parade), prefer “date nights at home where I’m cooking,” said Prinze to fancy outings and they are serious when it comes to dedicated family time. 

“When I had kids, I sort of reevaluated my life,” Gellar reflected to POPSUGAR in 2017. “You realize our society is such a technologically savvy and advanced community, but what are those moments where you really connect? Where you put the phones down and you really have that one-on-one moment. I had this epiphany and I realized everything in my life was around food. Whether that’s having dinner at your home in the kitchen or you’re hanging out with friends, those are where the memories happen.”

So they make them count, committing to regular family dinners with few distractions. “Some people say our expectations are a little higher than most,” she admitted to Us Weekly last February. “We have no phones at the table. We sit, we all have dinner together.”

After all, they know just how important one seemingly insignificant meal can turn out to be. 

“We ended up being the perfect balance,” Prinze told E! News of their friends-to-forever journey. “There was a solid foundation built, and that’s probably the main reason why we’ve always been cool and groovy.” 

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American Idol’s David Archuleta Shares How Mormon Church Leaders Reacted to His Coming Out


In an interview with Good Morning America, David Archuleta said he feels “so much relief” after publicly opening up about his sexuality and detailed how fellow church members embraced the news.

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David Archuleta has not felt ostracized by his religious community since coming out as a member of the LGTBQIA+ community, he revealed during a June 23 appearance on Good Morning America

The 30-year-old American Idol alum, who is a devout Mormon, said “he hasn’t felt rejected” after sharing his sexual orientation with church leaders.

While Archuleta previously did not claim a label in his coming out post, he now says he identifies as “some form of being bisexual.” He also shared that he has not dated a man and does not plan to have sex until marriage.

Accepting his identity has been a journey in self-love for Archuleta.

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Accepting his identity has been a journey in self-love for Archuleta.

“I’ve had to learn how to love myself, even when I don’t understand why I am the way that I am,” Archuleta continued. “To learn that that’s how God has created me. And I have to discover that, and there’s so many millions of other people who have gone through the same thing as me—they’ve tried to change who they are.”

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

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“Because I always felt there was something that I had to keep to myself,” he expressed. “There’s so much relief to not feel like you have to hide a part of yourself, like a secret.”

Archuleta, who said he struggled early on with reconciling his feelings for men and women, offered advice to those who might not understand or accept him in his coming out post on Instagram on June 12.

The “Crush” singer wrote in his caption, “For people who don’t really understand how feelings outside of just being heterosexual can be possible and okay I just plead that you be more understanding to people who experience and struggle with things that you may not experience or understand yourself.” 

The American Idol star continued, “I just invite you to please consider making room to be more understanding and compassionate to those who are LGBTQIA+, and those who are part of that community and trying to find that balance with their faith which also is a huge part of their identity like myself.”

He also noted that he shouldn’t have to push out one part of his identity—being in the LGBTQIA+ community—to make room for his faith, concluding, “For me to find peace the reality has been to accept both are real things I experience and make [me] who I am.”

Watch a brand new episode of Nightly Pop Monday through Thursday at 11:30 p.m., only on E!

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A Timeline of the Drama Surrounding Britney Spears’ Conservatorship and Well-Being


Britney Spears Thanks Fans For Support Amid Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears legal battle against her father Jamie Spears wages on. 

Back in November 2020, a Los Angeles judge declined her application to suspend her dad as conservator of her estate, according to court documents obtained by E! News. Britney’s attorney stated in court that the singer said she is “afraid of her father” and “will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career,” Variety reported.

At the time, Jamie’s attorney told the judge she doesn’t believe “there is a shred of evidence” to support his suspension and objected to Britney’s lawyer’s statements about the singer’s relationship with her dad as inadmissible hearsay, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

Jamie was given almost full control of Britney’s financial and medical affairs via a court conservatorship in 2008, months after the singer was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment. Since 2019, she has been going through renewed personal turmoil. In January 2019, she canceled a planned Las Vegas residency following a health emergency suffered by her father. Later that year, Britney completed a month-long stint at a mental health treatment facility.

Amid her renewed turmoil, many of Britney’s fans have called for an end to the conservatorship, and a “#FreeBritney” movement has emerged. Jamie has compared such supporters to conspiracy theorists.

Her legal battle with her father centers over their disagreement over who should permanently fulfill the role. Britney’s attorney requested the singer’s care manager, Jodi Montgomery, take over as conservator of her person in lieu of Jamie. 

Her older brother, Bryan Spears, shared in a rare interview in July that the Spears family is “hoping for the best,” but expressed his concern over what would happen if the conservatorship ended. He questioned, “She’s been surrounded by a team of people since she was 15, so at what level does everyone just walk away or get reduced?”

But he also admitted Britney “always wanted to get out of” the conservatorship.

See a full timeline of Britney’s turmoil in recent years:

Britney Spears’ Brother Reveals Details About Her Conservatorship

Jan. 4, 2019: To the dismay of her loyal followers, Britney reveals that she is taking an indefinite work hiatus and canceling her Domination residency in Las Vegas amid her father’s health struggles. In an apologetic Instagram post, the star writes, “I’ve been looking forward to this show and seeing all of you this year, so doing this breaks my heart. However, it’s important to always put your family first… and that’s the decision I had to make.” According to an insider, Jamie’s colon spontaneously ruptured, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

March 4, 2019: For reasons that remain unclear, Britney’s co-conservator Andrew Wallet resigns from his position, leaving Jamie as the sole conservator over the 37-year-old’s life. According to Us Weekly, the lawyer was responsible for monitoring the singer’s financial assets. Because of the importance of his position, he requested that his resignation be accepted “immediately and without delay” so as not to disrupt any ongoing business activities. While he is no longer the conservator or attorney for Spears, he continues to practice law.

J. Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD

April 3, 2019: The star later reemerges on social media with an Instagram post advocating for self-care, which is swiftly followed by reports that she entered a mental health facility. A source tells E! News at the time, “Britney’s father’s health has been weighing on her, and affecting her emotional well-being.” The source emphasizes that “Britney decided to do this on her own” so that she can be allowed to “rejuvenate and rest.”

April 11, 2019: The singer takes a break from her stay at the wellness facility when she went to a Los Angeles-area salon for a root touch-up. An eyewitness tells E! News, “She seemed fine and content… [She] was definitely excited to her hair done.” Britney later enjoys a relaxing day with her boyfriend Sam Asghari at the Beverly Hills Montage for a low-key Easter celebration. 

April 16, 2019: The #FreeBritney movement kicks off officially, when the Britney’s Gram hosts Tess Barker and Barbara Gray reveal a voicemail they allegedly received as “an anonymous tip from a credible source.” This supposed tipster claims to be a paralegal who formerly worked with an attorney connected to the conservatorship. In the revealing voicemail, he alleges that Britney is essentially being controlled by Jamie.

“What is happening is disturbing, to say the least. Basically, Britney was in rehearsals for Domination. It came to Jamie’s attention that Britney was not taking her medication as prescribed. She was missing a lot of doses and just full-on not taking them,” the unidentified voice claims. “So they got her to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘OK, if you don’t want these medications, let’s get you on a new one.’ She refused to take the new one. Jamie said, ‘Either you take this medication or the show’s off, and I’m pulling my support and you can’t do it.’ Britney did not follow Jamie’s instructions, so he was true to his word—he pulled the show, he verbatim said, ‘Blame it on my illness.’ He even claimed that Britney did not willingly enter the wellness facility.”


April 16-17, 2019: Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, appears to weigh in on the drama when she begins liking posts supporting the #FreeBritney movement. One such tweet reads: “I really hope you are supporting Britney in trying to end [her] conservatorship. I really hope your ailing ex husband isn’t keeping your daughter somewhere against her will.” These comments are in response to a particularly cryptic Instagram post depicting one of “God’s warriors” on their knees. 

April 22, 2019: As speculation continues to mount, fans gather in West Hollywood, Calif. to demand action from lawmakers regarding Britney’s ongoing conservatorship. 

April 23, 2019: Britney addresses the rumors surrounding her conservatorship in an enthusiastic Instagram video.

“I wanted to say hi, because things that are being said have just gotten out of control!!! Wow!!! There’s rumors, death threats to my family and my team, and just so many things crazy things being said,” the star says. “I am trying to take a moment for myself, but everything that’s happening is just making it harder for me.”

She adds that “fake emails” being created by Sam Lutfi are being circulated, but she doesn’t want her fans to “believe everything you read and hear.”

Lutfi tweets, “Britney’s Instagram post has accused me of fabricating e-mails of hers that have been circulating recently. I can unequivocally state that I never wrote nor had access to her e-mail. Her team’s desperate attempt to deflect negative attention onto me (yet again) is a rather ineffective way to overshadow the FreeBritney movement. In addition to making certain people in her camp look bad, the e-mails in question show a woman capable of running her own life, a narrative they apparently want to hide.”


April 25, 2019: A source confirms to E! News that the singer checked out of the treatment facility and is “very happy to be home.” The source adds, “She’s feeling more stable and a little bit better, but it’s a work in progress.”

As for her father, whose health is said to be a cause of Britney’s stress, he is “doing better,” which has helped to relieve some of the “anxiety surrounding that.” Now that the star is home, the source says she is slowly easing back into her “old routine, working out and being with her kids.” Her boyfriend Sam will help to make sure she doesn’t “overdo” it.

“They are trying to keep her stress level as low as possible and to just have her relax and take small steps…Britney’s feeling happier and healthier, but there’s a ways to go,” the insider shares.

May 6, 2019: According to court documents obtained by E! News, Britney’s mom filed a request asking to be informed of all matters pertaining to the singer and her conservatorship. Sources close to Britney’s conservatorship told The Blast that Lynne spoke with Jamie before filing her documents. The outlet reports that Lynne wants all the information as it officially comes in from the court. Britney’s team has been supportive of Lynne being involved with the ongoing situation and at this time, she has not made a move to become an actual conservator. 

May 7, 2019: “Lynne and Jamie Lynn flew out to LA to try and figure out what’s really going on,” a source tells E! News. “They are staying with Britney and trying to make heads or tails of the situation.”

The insider adds that Lynne is “extremely upset to see Britney in the condition she is and [feels] that she can’t help her” and the singer’s mom “wants to know what’s really going on so that she can sleep at night. The anxiety and worry is taking its toll. She wants to see Britney get better and to be healthy and happy and right now that’s not happening.”

May 8, 2019: Britney is granted a temporary restraining order against Lufti after he allegedly sent threatening and harassing texts to her family. He is ordered to stay 200 yards away from her, her parents and her sons Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12.

Her lawyers’ court filing against Lufti alleges that “shortly after Ms. Spears checked herself into a mental health facility, Lutfi began a new campaign of harassment against Ms. Spears and her family” and had recently “made dozens of disparaging and threatening comments on social media and in interviews” and “sent threatening texts to Ms. Spears’ family, he has leaked confidential information, and is considering leaking more of Ms. Spears’ (actual and fabricated) private information.”

Lutfi’s attorney responds to the filing in a statement to CNN, saying that he and his client were disappointed that the restraining order had been granted.

“We are disappointed in the result, and feel it is overly broad and violates Mr. Lutfi’s constitutional rights,” the statement says. “This order is only temporary, and we look forward to arguing the matter more fully in the upcoming hearing for a regular restraining order.”

Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Sister Britney From Critic

May 10, 2019: Britney and her mom and dad, as well as her court-appointed lawyer, appear together at a Los Angeles court at her own request to speak to a judge who oversees her conservatorship. Britney’s attorney wants the session to address issues with medical care, minor children and trade secrets. The judge later orders an expert evaluation of the Britney’s situation.

While media was not allowed inside the courtroom during proceedings, photographers spot the singer leaving the courthouse without shoes on.

Meanwhile, her sister Jamie Lynn Spears fires back at a troll who commented on a support post she penned for Britney, accusing her of fearing “losing her allowance.”

May 14, 2019: The judge orders a court investigator’s report on Britney’s conservatorship, due on the date of the next hearing, Sept. 18. The singer is not required to attend. Such investigators typically review personal records and conduct interviews with the people involved in a conservatorship case.

May 15, 2019: Britney’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, talks to TMZ about the singer’s condition and the cancellation of her Domination residency show in Las Vegas, saying it had to be pulled “because her meds stopped working and she was distraught over her dad’s illness.” 


“Last summer, when she wanted to tour, she called me every day. She was excited. She hasn’t called me in months. Crickets,” he says. “She clearly doesn’t want to perform now.” 

“I don’t want her to work again ’till she’s ready, physically, mentally and passionately,” he adds. “If that time never comes again it will never come again. I have no desire or ability to make her work again. I am only here for her when she wants to work. And, if she ever does want to work again, I’m here to tell her if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.”

May 22, 2019: According to documents obtained by E! News, Britney’s dad has requested to expand her conservatorship outside of California. Jamie intends for his legal control to be acknowledged in Florida, her home state of Louisiana and Hawaii, where she often vacations.

Sept. 3, 2019: Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline reach a new agreement regarding the custody of their sons. Federline is awarded 70 percent custody, while Spears receives 30 percent. Hours after news of the stipulation breaks, it’s revealed that Federline has filed a police report against Britney’s father over alleged physical altercation that took place between Jamie and his and Britney’s eldest son, Sean. Additionally, Sean and Jayden are granted a restraining order against their grandfather.

Britney Spears Wants a New Conservator After Father Jamie

Authorities ultimately decide against charging Jamie, citing “insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed.”

July 10, 2020: Britney addresses critics on her Instagram after she starts sharing more videos and pictures from her day-to-day life. She explains that she understands “how some might not like my posts or even understand them, but this is Me being happy.” The mother of two continues, “This is Me being authentic and as real as it gets !!!!! I want to inspire people to do the same and just be themselves without pleasing others… That’s the key to happiness.”

Sept. 9, 2019: Jamie temporarily steps down from a separate role, the conservator of her person, citing his own “personal health reasons.” He remains the conservator of her estate. Britney’s care manager, Montgomery, is approved to fill in for Jamie as conservator of her person until at least January 31, 2020.

July 23, 2020: Britney’s brother Bryan confirms the singer’s desire to have the conservatorship lifted. He explains the perceived limitations her legal status imposes on her, explaining, “It’s very frustrating to have. Whether someone’s coming in peace to help or coming in with an attitude, having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating.”

Jim Smeal/Shutterstock

Aug. 1, 2020: In an unprecedented interview with The New York Post, Jamie condemns the #FreeBritney movement as a “joke.” He adds, “All these conspiracy theorists don’t know anything. The world don’t have a clue. It’s up to the court of California to decide what’s best for my daughter. It’s no one else’s business.”

Aug. 18, 2020: Britney’s legal team files a petition to have Montgomery named her permanent, sole conservator. “Britney is strongly opposed to having James return as conservator of her person. Rather, she strongly prefers to have Ms. Montgomery continue in that role as she has done for nearly a year,” the court documents state.


Aug. 19, 2020: Jason Alexander, who was married to Britney for a very brief 55 hours in 2004, attends a #FreeBritney protest in Los Angeles. “I wanna see Britney get what she rightly deserves, and from personal conversations, she doesn’t want to be under the conservatorship obviously and it’s affecting her life still to this day in a negative way,” he says in an interview. “And it’s time for it to be over.”

Aug. 21, 2020: A Los Angeles judge rules that Britney’s conservatorship is extended until February 2021. 

Aug. 31, 2020: Britney’s legal team files new court documents, this time requesting that Bessemer Trust Co. be appointed co-conservator of her estate. E! News confirmed through court documents that Britney’s mom also nominated the company. Meanwhile, Jamie files a petition to reappoint Andrew Wallet co-conservator of Britney’s estate. Wallet previously served as co-conservator of the estate from January 2009 to March 2019. 

Sept. 3, 2020: Britney’s attorney fights back against Jamie’s request to seal the case, writing in a court filing, “Britney strongly believes it is consistent not only with her personal best interests but also with good public policy generally that the decision to appoint a new conservator of her estate be made in as open and transparent a manner as possible,” the documents stated. “The sealing motion is supposedly being brought by her father to ‘protect’ Britney’s interests, but she is adamantly opposed to it.”

Oct. 5, 2020: According to documents obtained by E! News, Jamie withdraws his petition requesting Wallet be appointed co-conservator of Britney’s estate. That same day, Wallet breaks his silence in an interview with The Daily Mail, during which he states, “It is not in Britney’s best interests to be outside the conservatorship but there’s a lot of politics involved… Protecting her assets is very important and for that the conservatorship has to stay in place because she is susceptible to undue influences.”


Oct. 14, 2020: A judge grants Britney’s request to expand the legal team representing her in the ongoing conservatorship battle, according to court documents obtained by E! News. Her father, Jamie, previously filed an objection to the request, arguing that expanding her team would be a “significant drain on estate finances.”

Nov. 10, 2020: A Los Angeles judge declines Britney’s application to suspend Jamie as conservator of her estate. However, financial company Bessemer Trust is appointed as a co-conservator, court documents showed.

Dec. 16, 2020: According to court documents obtained by E! News, Britney’s conservatorship is extended to September 2021.

Feb. 11, 2021: Amid renewed interest in the case thanks to a new documentary about Britney’s quest for autonomy, a virtual court hearing is held. A judge overrules Jamie’s objection to sharing his role with Bessemer Trust and no changes are made to the conservatorship. The next hearing is scheduled for March 17. 


March 10, 2021: In a statement to People, Jamie’s lawyer Vivian L. Thoreen states the pop star can get out of the conservatorship. “Any time Britney wants to end her conservatorship, she can ask her lawyer to file a petition to terminate it; she has always had this right but in 13 years has never exercised it,” Thoreen explained. “Britney knows that her Daddy loves her, and that he will be there for her whenever and if she needs him, just as he always has been—conservatorship or not.”

April 2, 2021: The pop star’s former makeup artist Billy Brasfield claims Britney told him she isn’t in control of her social media profiles, prompting a swift denial from the “Toxic” singer. She reportedly tells TMZ, “No, I’m not talking to him at all. I write my posts. I’m not sure who he is talking to, but I am not talking to Billy B.”

April 25, 2021: After receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, Britney joins her boyfriend Sam at his best friend’s wedding. A source tells E! News the ongoing coronavirus pandemic “restrictions” and her father’s strict rules kept her from outings, but she “finally had an opportunity to get out and she took it.”

April 27, 2021: Britney’s attorney Samuel Ingham asks the court to set a status hearing on an “expedited basis,” saying the mother of two would like to “address the court directly.” A hearing is set for June 23.

May 3, 2021: Two months after The New York Times releases “Framing Britney Spears,” the 39-year-old singer speaks out about its portrayal of her struggles. She writes on Instagram that she is “deeply flattered” people care about her so much, but says, “I’m thrilled to remind you all that although I’ve had some pretty tough times in my life … I’ve had waaaayyyy more amazing times in my life.”

“unfortunately my friends… I think the world is more interested in the negative!!!!” she continues. “I mean … isn’t this supposed to be a business and society about THE FUTURE???? Why highlight the most negative and traumatizing times in my life from forever ago ???? I mean DAMN.”

June 22, 2021: The New York Times sheds new light on Britney’s battle with her father in a report detailing confidential court records. According to a court investigator’s report reviewed by the newspaper, Britney told the court Jamie had “too much control” of her personal life, saying he decided who she dated and became friends with. The NYT reports the court investigator wrote, “She articulated she feels the conservatorship has become an oppressive and controlling tool against her.”

“She is ‘sick of being taken advantage of’ and she said she is the one working and earning her money but everyone around her is on her payroll,” they additionally stated, adding the pop star was “very angry” at the time.

According to the NYT, the court investigator recommended Britney remain under the conservatorship citing her “complex finances, susceptibility to undue influence and ‘intermittent’ drug issues.”

June 23, 2021: Britney virtually attends a court hearing, where she tells the judge she wants “to end the conservatorship without being evaluated” by a therapist. She adds, “After I’ve lied and told the whole world I’m OK and I’m happy … I’m not OK, I’m not happy, I can’t sleep.”

The pop star highlights her discontent with her current medical plan and requests a therapist visit her at her home, stating, “I’m not willing to go to Westlake and be embarrassed by all these paparazzi.”

(This story was originally published on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 4:33 p.m. PST.)

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Kevin Hart Reveals How His Teenage Daughter Reacted to His Cheating Scandal


Kevin Hart Admits to Telling Kids About His Cheating Scandal

Kevin Hart is getting honest about the tough conversations he’s had with his teenage daughter following his cheating scandal. 

The 41-year-old Fatherhood star visited Red Table Talk to speak with guest host Will Smith in a Father’s Day edition of the podcast that posted on Sunday, June 20. The project is typically hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

During the sit-down, Kevin opened up about dealing with his 2017 cheating controversy and how he explained the situation to daughter Heaven, who is now 16. The father of four, who married Eniko Parrish in August 2016, shares Heaven and 13-year-old son Hendrix with ex-wife Torrei Hart.

“You know, when me and my wife [Eniko] went through what we went through and the whole cheating display, my talk with Heaven—goddamn,” Kevin said. “That was one like no other.” 

He continued, “Getting my daughter back, getting my daughter to understand that I was sorry, that I made a mistake—that was real. To understand, like, I’m still Dad. You’re reading stuff. This is a child, right? Every child has the Internet. There’s nothing that you’re gonna come across that you’re gonna read that isn’t gonna have an impression. A child? Everything has a meaning.”

The comedian added, “My daughter was tough on me! Until this day, my daughter is tough on me. My daughter don’t play no games with her father, man.” 

In September 2017, Kevin posted a public apology on Instagram to then-pregnant wife Eniko for his “bad error in judgment” and added, “Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

For her part, the 36-year-old model, who shares 3-year-old son Kenzo and 8-month-old daughter Kaori with the star, revealed last year during the documentary series Kevin Hart: Don’t F–k This Up that she still gets “sensitive every time I talk about” the cheating scandal.

On Red Table Talk, Kevin also recalled the discussion he had with Heaven about the situation surrounding his resurfaced homophobic tweets, which led to him stepping down as host of the 2019 Oscars ceremony.  

“When the whole thing started to happen with the LGBTQ+ community and the misconception of me, and what I was, and what I am, and what I feel, my daughter was so upset because she couldn’t process how people could think this about her father,” the Ride Along performer explained. “And it was so tough because this is when I started to realize how my fame has an impact on my household, right? There’s a certain level of obliviousness.” 

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